Our tray type doors are designed to accept tiles or flagstones to enable the cellar door to blend almost seamlessly with the rest of your flooring. Due to the weight of the reinforced door plus the additional weight of tiles, recessed doors are always opened with an electric motor enabling the door to operate smoothly and without any strain to the user.

These doors can either be manufactured with a flush-fitting outer frame, or with the frame recessed below finished floor level to enable you to tile over, giving a more discrete appearance.

Depending on the use, location and type of flooring used, doors will be manufactured in stainless steel or stainless steel and plywood. Types of flooring that can be used with these doors is virtually limitless, giving you the freedom to style your door in whatever way you choose.

Recessed cellar door with manual opening, squash court handle.

Motorised recessed cellar door operated my wireless remote control

Recessed cellar door hinge detail

Recessed cellar door: stainless steel  frame detail

The Cellar Door Company

We can make doors to your specification and also make a range of doors that can be retro-fitted to spiral  staircase type cellars

All our door frames are engineered in the UK in stainless steel and are guaranteed for life


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