Timber doors are ideal for those who want a lower-cost option or where the cellar is in an unseen or more utilitarian location, for instance in a garage, or where you want to fit your own timber or laminate flooring on top. They can either be maufactured with the outer frame flush with the floor or recessed for a more discrete appearance

Our timber doors still feature a made to measure stainless steel frame and fittings. Depending on the weight of the door and your requirements the door can be opened manually (assisted by locking gas struts which prevent the door closing unexpectedly) or with an electric motor.

Depending on location and requirement, timber doors will be made in either high-grade plywood or a choice of hardwoods.

Recessed door with hardwood laminate - open

Recessed door with hardwood laminate - closed

Beautifully engineered stainless steel and timber

Beautifully engineered stainless steel and timber

The Cellar Door Company

We can make doors to your specification and also make a range of doors that can be retro-fitted to spiral  staircase type cellars

All our door frames are engineered in the UK in stainless steel and are guaranteed for life


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