Our glass cellar access doors are engineered in high-quality stainless steel and toughened, laminated glass making them virtually unbreakable and with a higher resistance to scratching than lower-quality acrylic versions. We can manufacture these to your specific requirements, either hinged and motorised for easy access, or fixed should you want a viewing panel for your cellar.

Most of the doors we supply are rectangular, but we also manufacture a range of doors suitable for retro-fitting to spiral-type cellars should you wish to upgrade.

Our doors are designed to fit flush with your floor and can additionally be fitted with a decorative, brushed stainless steel edge trim to discourage the ingress of dust and dirt. Glass doors come with a motorised opener with gas-strut assistance, as the glass is very heavy. The door can be opened either with a convenient wall mounted switch (fitted by your electrician) or by a handy FM remote control, offering an additional level of security to your cellar.

Our doors are typically fitted as a direct replacement for an existing door, but can be used where a new door is needed. We have also supplied several circular cellar doors to clients who, during renovations, discovered previously hidden bell-chamber type cellars, and one to a client who discovered an indoor well in their kitchen under old flooring!

Whatever your requirement is, we can probably design the perfect door for your cellar. We can also, if required, supply you with a stainless steel staircase to help you get down there.

Glass cellar door for a client near Elstree studios

Stainless steel glass door fitting detail

Circular glass door motor and gas strut detail

Glass cellar door fitted for a client in Richmond.

Glass cellar trap door installed for a client in south London

The Cellar Door Company

We can make doors to your specification and also make a range of doors that can be retro-fitted to spiral  staircase type cellars

All our door frames are engineered in the UK in stainless steel and are guaranteed for life


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